1 . The Devils Blade

The Devil’s Blade is a Sci-Fantasy set in the afterlife city of Sheol. Within this setting, a godlike figure (the Mother) rules from a distance. The city is broken into districts that are run by a priesthood called the Mother Cult.

Marked souls are “sacrificed” by the Mother Cult. This process strips away a soul’s memories of the past life, revokes their citizenship and status within the mother cult, and casts them out onto the streets.

These damned live in hiding, trying to scrounge for life’s necessities . However, they are pursued by agents of Haven and Hel (who’s groups are more akin to street gangs vying for power to rival the Mother’s)

Both Haven and Hel, enslave souls, forcing them into their armies/mines/slave labor.

The Devil’s Blade is about a trio of outcasts who find themselves in Hel. Despite their differences they come together and conspire to kill the Lord of Hel so as to free themselves.

Future Projects

Starburst Absolution – A Judge Dredd meets Firefly meets Punisher revenge space opera.


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