C. Michael Wells spent the first twenty years of his life trapped in a religious cult in rural Missouri. Then, sensing an opportunity to flee, he joined the US Navy and spent the next three years aboard the guided missile destroyer, USS Sampson. After 3 years of swabbing decks, kicking boxes, and sweating through too many fire drills, he left the US Navy to move back to Missouri so as to be more available for his wife and two children.  Over the next three years, he put his entire social life to bed and earned his Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees. However, the day before he began a new career in law enforcement, in a twist befitting an M. Nigh Shyamalan movie, his best friend committed suicide by cop. This sent things screeching to a violent halt. But it gave birth to an idea for a novel.

And so here I am – hoping to finally make some progress on this story that I’ve been working in for nearly four years.


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