Side tracked

After a six month foray into the pit that is known as video game addiction,  im happy to report I have resumed my writing. It was hard to quit Destiny. But in the end, it needed to be done. When gaming quits being a past time and becomes an obligation or obsession, its time to make a change.

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5 Responses to Side tracked

  1. Chris says:

    This makes me glad I never picked it up. I considered it, too. Destiny looked great.


  2. xandriekovak says:

    I hope the gaming hasn’t ensnared you again. I understand the siren’s song, and often must fight off my own demons. Thankfully writing is always there for me when I see the light again.


    • Yeah, unfortunately I’ve been back to gaming for a while. Still, I’ve managed to get some writing done. It just hasnt been going as fast as I would like. This blog kind of got left behind in the internet wilderness. But thanks for stopping by


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