Search for a Story

As the months have trudged onward, my book remains in that perpetual purgatory that is known to many as writer’s block/proscrastination/search for a story.

A brief confession, when I began this writing endeavor last December, I planned to have everything wrapped up and complete by April. Now, nearly 10 months later my progress resembles something very much a roller coaster. The up and downs of this process can really get one up or down depending on the day.  Today’s conquests become tomorrow’s failures. As one who who bases success only in the successful completion of one’s goals there can be no “just enjoy the ride” sentimentality.

Despite my in-so-far failure, my story stills begs to be let out and I must grundingly comply with this obsession or let Shaw’s story drive me insane.

It’s said that when a writer gets stuck that there is something wrong with the story.  I now believe this to be true.  The last several months, I have been on a abstract search to find what is missing.  I believe my concept to be strong. But there has to be something more than just the “cool” factor. I really need this story to resonate on a deeper level. It is too important to my own grieving process. Its my protagonist that continues to be lacking.   When my writer friends critique my work, it continues to be an issue. Who is Cameron Shaw and why does he want what he wants.  In my mind it is clear as day why he needs to find his brother. Yet this is a correct critique on their part. But to be honest, I don’t know who my main character is. I only know what is important to him because it is important to me.

So I’m to a point where I believe the conceptual premise (the fantasy world of Sheol) remains strong. I am searching for a dramatic premise that will make readers care about this character and his quest as much as I do.

I will get there.  Some day or another anyway.

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