Book Update

As I continue this task of writing my first novel, it’s begun to dawn on me just how much work a novel really is.

When I recently trashed the most of 45000 words I knew I needed a better plan of action. Conflict was missing, the rules of my world were very hazy, and I hadn’t a clue as to what was motivating each character. Sure I had the general gist of my protaganist and antagonist, but everything else was flat.

Enter planning mode in which I devoured as much as I possible could on the art of book writing. Sanderson’s laws of magic taught me about the importance of structure with a Novel’s magical constructs, Butcher’s blog taught me the importance of conflict within a story and the tension that results, thereby making a book more interesting, and lastly I took the time to find out who my characters were. I wanted to know their motivations, their past, their quirks. etc…

Now that I have firmly laid these in place, my writing has begun to take off again. Here’s to hoping for a good month’s work and progressive progress for the Shadow Soul.

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